Web Design and Development Services for Various Individuals and Companies

Noybridge offers custom website design solutions which will meet your unique business needs and allow you to efficiently convey the necessary information to your target audience. Websites we create are both user friendly and search engine friendly. Here are our basic principles for designing successful websites:

  • Easy and clear navigation
  • Minimum loading time
  • Relevant Meta tags
  • Validated HTML code
  • Useful and unique content
  • Cross browser compatibility

We also offer Flash website solutions to make your website more interactive and appealing.

Our web development services range from developing basic informational websites to more complex web-based solutions. When developing a website we use the most current standards compliant code. Our web development team uses the following languages to better serve your websites purpose:

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) - HTML is the code behind your webpage and is what your browser looks for to display a webpage. HTML is a set of tags that tell the browser where to display what.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – CSS is a simple way to create the look and feel of the website. Using CSS improves content accessibility, provides more flexibility and control over the look of your website. It also improves the load time of your website which is an important search engine optimization factor.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) - PHP is a server side language and is designed for producing dynamic web pages and allows creating light, feature rich websites adding new capabilities and making more complicated operations possible within the web environment.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) – AJAX is a web development technique that is used for creating interactive web applications with improved usability and speed.

Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.NET) - ASP.NET is a web application framework that allows building powerful dynamic websites and web applications.

We also provide a number of complementary services including web hosting, domain registration, etc.