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On-Page SEO

July 20th, 2010

If a website has not been optimized for search engine ranking, it will rank very far behind in search engines. If you want to see your website to get high rankings in major search engines like Google and Yahoo, search engine optimization is a must. There are two main types of search engine optimization one can perform on his website – On-Page and Off-Page. On-page SEO is the process by which various elements on an individual web page are structured so that the web page can be found by the search engines for specific keyword(s) or keyword phrases. On-page optimization is not difficult. However, it does take time to make sure all the pieces are in place. This kind of optimization should occur on every single content page within that site.

The first thing search engines want to know is “What a web page is about”. Search engine “bots” do not have the ability to read images or things like java script. So they look at the word elements. They look for various clues within the page to find out the important words.

Firstly they look for the title of the page (the words within the <title> and </title> tags) as the main clue. Then they look for header tags (<H1> and <H2>, etc.) to see if there are any words between them. They also pay attention to the web page address (URL). When the same word is noticed in the title tags, the header tags and the URL, it is easy to guess what the page is about.

What they do next is checking whether the same words are contained in the body text of the page and how often. The presence of these words and their frequency on the page will determine what the page is about and how important that page is against all other pages about the same thing.

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